The 5 Most Frequently Occurring Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Workers’ Comp Injuries

A workplace injury can place your future livelihood at serious risk. It is therefore not unusual that if it happens to you, you’ll spend a lot of time contemplating your future. Is filing a workers’ compensation claim a viable option? Could such a claim ruin your relationship with your employer? Could they opt to punish you by terminating your employment on frivolous grounds?

Such difficult questions need answers since they have a direct bearing on your financial security. To be certain that you are making the right decision, it is vital that you engage the services of a Jacksonville workers’ compensation lawyer.

Annually, at least 3 million Americans are injured in the course of doing their work. Predictably, workplace injuries take numerous forms. However, some injuries are much more common than others. The Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly publishes workplace injury data. The top 5 most common injuries together account for more than 70 percent of workers’ compensation costs.

1. Overexertion

This is the most common form of workplace injury. Overexertion could be as a result of repeating the same action multiple times over the course of the day or several days. At other times, it is down to a single action such as lifting a heavy object that leads to severe body strain. The injury to a joint or muscle can make it difficult to resume work. Overexertion is common in jobs that require a lot of lifting, carrying, pulling, pushing or holding.

2. Falls on the Same Level

Falls on the same level are the second most common workplace compensation injury. The description is meant to distinguish them from instances where the worker falls from a higher to a lower level. For instance, if you trip over a lifted section of the office carpet and injure your arm as a result, that is considered a fall on the same level. The trips, slips and falls can be caused by a wide range of factors including worn-down stairs and wet floor tiles.

3. Falls to a Lower Level

These types of injuries are fairly common in the construction industry since workers have to scale scaffolding and carry out tasks on the upper floors of incomplete buildings. Since the individual is falling from height, this can lead to serious injury or death. In 2013, there were 291 fatalities in the US due to falls to lower levels at construction sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration holds that the majority of the falls can be prevented.

4. Bodily Reaction Injuries

These occur when the worker makes a body movement in an attempt to avoid incurring an injury. Think about your reaction if someone attempted to pour a cup of boiling water on you. At the workplace, it might involve jumping out of the way to avoid being knocked down by a forklift or stretching your arm to break a fall. Usually, the reaction is involuntary and part of the body’s self-protecting mechanism.

5. Struck by an Object

While ‘struck by an object’ injuries can occur in a wide range of scenarios, they happen most frequently at construction sites. This is due to the high number of large and small objects that are constantly in motion at such sites. An object could fall from height and injure a worker below. Even fairly small objects can lead to a serious accident if they fall from several levels up.

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