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      Criminal Defense

      Criminal defense FAQs:

      Do you have questions? We have answers. Here are some legal FAQs that our team of attorneys often receives from clients.

      Does Hardesty, Tyde & Ashton, P.A. handle criminal defense cases?

      Yes, we handle criminal defense in every forum.

      Do all your attorneys have experience with criminal law?

      Yes, members of our firm previously prosecuted for the State of Florida and JAG (Army and Navy).

      Is there a difference between being charged with a state and a federal crime?

      Yes, state criminal offenses are prosecuted by the state of Florida while the United States government prosecutes federal crimes. If you are charged with violating both federal and state laws, both state and federal authorities would prosecute.

      I am a service member accused of a state crime. If I resolve this matter "out in the town," will it impact my military service?

      Yes, even if adjudication is withheld, or a plea nolo contendere entered, the military can still administratively process you for a “civilian conviction.”

      A federal, state or military law-enforcement agent wants me to talk to them voluntarily. Should I?

      No, we always recommend seeking legal counsel first.

      What types of criminal cases do you handle?

      We are prepared to handle any criminal matter, from simple traffic infractions to complex homicide cases, and everything in between.

      How do I pay for your legal services?

      Unlike medical malpractice or personal injury cases, criminal cases are strictly disallowed from contingency arrangements of any kind by the Florida Bar. In a criminal defense matter, you are responsible for paying your legal fees and costs.

      How much will it cost?

      There is no way to predict what your fees and costs will be without first meeting with you to discuss the facts of your case. Your fees will be directly proportional to how much time your criminal defense attorney spends on your case, multiplied by the hourly rate agreed upon.

      Does HT&A, P.A. accept credit cards?

      Facing criminal charges ? Don’t wait! We are here to help. Call us at 904-468-3476 or contact us online for your free case assessment.


      What constitutes a personal injury?

      The most common personal injury is an auto accident, but the broad definition encompasses any situation where a person suffers harm due to the negligence of another person or entity. Early identification of a personal injury is important to the legal process. Many serious injuries occur each year involving:
      – Auto accidents
      – Premises liability accidents such as injuries caused by a slip and fall
      – Medical malpractice/nursing home injuries
      – Wrongful death
      – Work-related accidents
      – Animal attacks
      – Faulty or malfunctioning products (product liability)