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      Meet Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney Frank A. Ashton

      “Lawyer Dream Team! Mr. Ashton, Mr. Moore and Mrs. Schenkel went above and beyond for my case. I was nervous and had anxiety, as I have never been through litigation before, but they made me feel very comfortable. I have never seen so much attention to detail. Before trial, during trial and after trial they have always been there for me. Their knowledge of malpractice and the law is second to none. I am very fortunate to have found them. They communicate with their clients superbly and respond to any questions very quickly. If you want a firm who will put you first and really fight for you definitely hire Hardesty Tyde Green & Ashton. I do not believe any other firm could have had the quality, professionalism and outcome that they provided. I could not be any happier with their services!”


      – Jessica Ranger, July 2020

      “Marc Hardesty and Frank Ashton are exceptional people. They are without equal as far as peers in their profession, but as people, they are exceptional. From the moment I contacted them with regard to my mothers case, they not only advised me on different ways to proceed, but made our case personal.

      Regardless of outcome, they show you they care and you feel they are not only advocates for you, but are there for you in every way.

      These two men are now considered family and I know they will always be there for myself and my family. I thank God for these men and know my Mom would be so very proud of them.”


      – Fred Mooneyham, February 2020

      “Mr. Ashton is an intelligent, courteous, professional and determined man. He is clever and sharp-witted, everything you’d wish your attorney to be. It was a relief to us to know that we had someone as astute and as knowledgeable as Mr. Ashton to lead us through this particularly trying time in our lives. Throughout the whole process of our case, he kept us well informed and kept things moving regardless of the stalling tactics of our opposition. We entrusted him with our family’s future, and Mr. Ashton went above and beyond to provide us with personal and financial peace of mind. I can’t speak highly enough of Frank and his personal staff, as they are all exceptional at what they do.”


      – Previous Client, July 2015

      “Mr. Ashton was very knowledgeable about my medical condition. I never had to wait long to speak with him or his staff. Although he was in a different city I feel I got the best lawyer I could that knew about my condition and what types of medical care I would need.”


      – Previous Client, August 2010


      What constitutes a personal injury?

      The most common personal injury is an auto accident, but the broad definition encompasses any situation where a person suffers harm due to the negligence of another person or entity. Early identification of a personal injury is important to the legal process. Many serious injuries occur each year involving:
      – Auto accidents
      – Premises liability accidents such as injuries caused by a slip and fall
      – Medical malpractice/nursing home injuries
      – Wrongful death
      – Work-related accidents
      – Animal attacks
      – Faulty or malfunctioning products (product liability)